A 32-year-old repeat felon has pleaded guilty to crashing an SUV on a freeway in Minneapolis, fleeing and leaving one passenger to die and another badly injured.

Andre Ogburn of Minneapolis entered his plea rather than allow his trial in Hennepin County District Court to start Monday in connection with the crash on Sept. 16, 2018, that killed Kimel M. Sykes, 57, of Minneapolis, and seriously injured David J. Bryant, 37, also of Minneapolis.

The plea agreement calls for Ogburn to serve a term of 7⅔ years for admitting to criminal vehicular homicide but not to kidnapping. With credit for time in jail since his arrest, Ogburn would serve about the first 4½ years in prison and the balance on supervised release. Sentencing is scheduled for March 30.

Along with this conviction, Ogburn’s criminal history in Minnesota includes four convictions for driving after having his license revoked, three for fleeing police, two for drunken driving and one each for drug possession and criminal vehicular operation.

Also, the deadly crash violated terms of his federal probation for dealing heroin. That violation prompted a U.S. district judge in December 2018 to impose on Ogburn a two-year prison term.

On the afternoon of the deadly crash, Ogburn was driving a borrowed SUV on Interstate 94 toward downtown and crashed on the N. 7th Street exit ramp.

Sykes died at the scene after being thrown from the vehicle. Bryant was taken to HCMC with serious injuries.

A passing motorist stopped at the crash scene, and a bleeding Ogburn got into her vehicle uninvited. He pointed a gun at the woman and said that someone was dead “and I don’t want to go down for this.”

Ogburn ordered her to drive to a nearby liquor store, where he fled on foot.

The next day, Ogburn told the SUV owner that he had to flee; he wasn’t supposed to be driving because of drunken driving convictions. State records show he was driving at the time while his license was canceled.

It wouldn’t be until January 2019 before authorities located Ogburn and arrested him.