remodeling resources

Sasha Andreev and Charlie Hansen combined professional help with their do-it-yourself skills to complete their renovation. Although they hired contractors Paul Kaiser and Chad Thomason of Dunlap Companies for the kitchen addition, porch reconstruction, column stonework, siding and rear deck, they did the rest of the work themselves. In the process, they discovered these resources:

Favorite cost-cutting resources:

Building Materials Outlet, Eagan: New surplus inventory sold at a discount, including doors, windows, tile and countertops.

Architectural Antiques, Minneapolis: Decorative stained glass windows, vintage light fixtures, cabinets, doors, mantels, windows.

Bauer Brothers Salvage, Minneapolis: They found vintage oak trim for the new French doors for $40.

Appliance Smart, Twin Cities locations: They paid $800 for a "scratch or dent" Kitchen Aid counter-depth refrigerator.

Ikea, Bloomington: The men used the online kitchen design tools and bought Ikea cabinets and hardware. They also recommend Ikea's "As-is" section for bargains on bedding, cabinets and vanities.


Whittier Alliance Home Improvement loan program: Go to and click on "Resources" for information on low-interest loans of up to $25,000 for interior and exterior repairs.

To find out about low-interest fix-up loans offered in other neighborhoods, visit the Center for Energy and Environment website at