nesnDuring the Twins-Red Sox broadcast on Boston’s NESN feed, footage of the Metrodome’s implosion was shown.

That’s cool, except:

1) The Metrodome was never imploded in a big blast. It was, instead, taken down piece by piece.

2) The footage NESN showed was actually the Kingdome in 2000.

3) For some bizarre reason, on the video NESN showed, there was a roof digitally added to the Kingdome. A couple of astute readers (and now Deadspin, too) noted that the bogus footage is actually from a Hawk Harrelson spoof. NESN played it completely straight!

Deadspin is all over the visuals, though we’ve added a frame grab (with our own text) from the NESN broadcast. This is bizarre. So bizarre.

Guess you could say that running that footage when they did was the real … 7th inning … stretch.

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