At a time when a number of institutions are looking inward, examining their names and re-christening whole buildings to better reflect contemporary beliefs, Red’s Savoy Pizza has announced it is changing its name.

It’s not really for moral reasons, though depending on how hard-core you are about college football, you might see it that way.

For the rest of this week, leading into Saturday’s Gophers vs. Wisconsin Badgers game, Red’s Savoy Pizza will heretofore be known as Maroon & Gold Savoy Pizza. The Badgers happen to don red jerseys, and a pizza company that has built its brand on “Sota Style” pies just can’t bring itself to identify with the opposition. The decision came about “after not much thought, and very little deliberation,” according to a news release.

“We’ve been serving pizza ‘Sota Style’ since 1965,” company president Reed Daniels said in a statement. “And this week in Minnesota, well, let’s just say maroon and gold sounds and looks a lot better than anything red.”

The company, which is a sponsor for Gopher Athletics, claims to be a favorite of Gopher’s head coach P.J. Fleck.

If the Gophers move on to play Ohio State (also a red team) next week, Maroon & Gold Savoy Pizza will keep the new name.

To celebrate the name change and hopeful football victories, Red’s — er, Maroon & Gold — Savoy Pizza is offering Gophers-inspired specials through Sunday. Promo code BUCKOFFBUCKY will get you five dollars off a $30 online order. And a “Maroon & Gold Meal Deal” for $25 gets you a large Meat Raffle Pizza and an order of chicken wings.

Order online. You’ll want to see the newly hued website (