You'd swear this was ripped straight from The Onion or some other satire site. But it isn't. It's absolutely true that has found a pair of sixth-graders — that was grade school when I was a kid — that it deems so talented at football that it must track them as part of the Class of 2021 already.

One is a 5-11 running back, with a scouting report of having "good body control" for his age. Another is a 5-2 QB, described as throwing in a pro-style offense. Plenty of young athletes are identified as "elite" in other sports, but it feels particularly weird in football, with so long to go until these kids physically mature.

praise for flip Chad Ford of writes, "I can make a case that Flip Saunders should be in the running for Executive of the Year."

quality viewing In honor of Michael Jordan's 52nd birthday Tuesday, had a gallery of the 100 best photos of the NBA legend.