Mixed Citrus Salad with Vanilla and Rosemary

Serves 4 to 6.

Note: This salad doubles as a starter or dessert. The rosemary’s piney notes and vanilla’s light floral flavor add a rich complexity. You can find individual vanilla beans in the bulk department of local food co-ops. Serve this salad as it is, or on a bed of spinach or mixed greens. Save the reserved juices for basting chickens, drizzling over roasted vegetables, for use in marinades and mixed drinks. From Beth Dooley.

• 2 Cara Cara oranges

• 2 blood oranges

• 1 (3-in.) sprig fresh rosemary

• 1 (3-in.) vanilla bean

• Sprinkle of sugar

• Pinch of coarse salt

• Pinch of cracked black pepper


Peel and section all of the oranges, holding the oranges over a bowl to catch the juices. Add the rosemary sprig. Then split the vanilla bean down the center seam and, using the back of a knife, scrape the seeds into the bowl and stir. Cover the bowl and place in refrigerator to allow the flavors to blend for at least an hour or overnight.

Serve the sections on individual serving plates or a serving platter, drizzled with a little of the juice.

Nutrition information per each of 6 servings:

Calories 35 Carbohydrates 9 g Protein 1 g Fat 0 g Saturated fat 0 g Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 27 mg

Calcium 33 mg

Dietary fiber 2 g

Diabetic exchanges per serving: ½ fruit.