Yet again, for the fifth time, Pat Vos from Minneapolis is the first fan on line to buy single-game tickets.
The University of Minnesota employee will camp out tonight in order to snatch up tickets at 8 a.m. Wednesday morning at the box office.
Normally fans camp outside along Kellogg, but that’s in the middle of September when the weather’s just a tad bit warmer. Vos has been given permission to cozy up inside the Xcel Energy Center Gate 1 lobby “thanks to Bob,” Vos said.
“Bob” is arena security personnel Bob Paulsen, who made a few phone calls to get permission to allow Vos into the arena. “I’ve put up with him for years,” Paulsen said, jokingly, about Vos.
“It’s the middle of winter – 9 degrees out,” Vos said.
Vos said he came armed with a “couple sandwiches, and … just some beverages of different variety,” Vos said, before laughing hysterically. “Probably maybe order some pizza later.”
Vos says he doesn’t anticipate the Wild having any trouble selling tickets after the lockout. 
“Everything’s going to be back to normal,” Vos said, “not like other cities where I’m sure it will suffer. But here in Minnesota, this is a hockey hotbed. It’s almost a given anybody that was a fan will return.”