I was at home minding my own business, checking work e-mail and watching another torturous Twins-Yankees game, when I received at 9:45 p.m. Tuesday an e-mail from a reader named Terrence. There was nothing at all in the body of the e-mail, but the subject line said it all:

"I'd start Sloter over Bridgewater any day of the week."

This was surely prompted by things written about the Vikings' suddenly complicated quarterback situation. And yeah, right at this moment you'd take Kyle Sloter over Teddy Bridgewater any day of the week since Teddy still is recovering from a massive injury. But if they're both healthy? Maybe take the guy who has a résumé that goes beyond one preseason.

After recovering from the searing heat of that hot take, though, I put on a full fire suit and asked for more. At 10:01 p.m., I put out a Twitter call for followers to e-mail me their best subject-line-only hot take, with the promise that I'd publish the best ones.

I counted 44 usable ones by 8 a.m. Wednesday. Here are the 10 best of the bunch with a comment from me on each:

Brent: "The Vikings are purposefully limiting Bradford to hurt his negotiation leverage during contract talks."

Comment: Sabotaging their 2017 season to save some money down the road? That would be quite the long play.

Alex: "If Adrian Peterson is traded to the Packers by Week 4 he will lead the league in rushing."

Comment: Here is the fatalist Vikings fan view in a nutshell (and I could totally see it happening).

Dan: "I would start Kyle Gibson 10 times out of 10 in a game 163."

Comment: Gibson has been the Twins' most reliable starter in the last month or so, but Ervin Santana is still the safest bet.

Ryan: "Paul Molitor's affinity for bunting is a fireable offense."

Comment: Firing would be too strong considering the good work Molitor has done this year, but yeah it's annoying.

Michael (not me): "The Twins should have drafted Prior over Mauer in 2001 — they'd have won a ring in 2003."

Comment: Revisionist history hot takes are the best kinds of hot takes.

Dan (different one): "Zimmer will not make it to the end of this season as Vikes head coach."

Comment: It would take a massive implosion for that to happen, but again it's not out of the question.

Spencer: "Cretin Mauer would start at QB above Tedford Samwater AND he would ALWAYS take the first sack to see what the defense is bringing that game."

Comment: The image of Mauer taking a sack like he takes a first strike made me laugh.

John: "The Vikings will sign Colin Kaepernick by Week 5."

Comment: I think that's a little early, and by the time the Vikings might want to make that move someone else might have done it already. But again, these are the Vikings. It could happen, and it would be spectacular to watch.

Marc: "For Sale: Playoff ticket stubs, never torn."

Comment: Nothing fuels Twins fan pessimism like a few games with the Yankees. Just remember the Angels are limping to the finish, too.

Brandon: "Baseball should have 6-man lineups. Only 6 hitters then back to the top of the order. So three fielders don't have to hit. Better offense AND better defense. It's brilliant. No downside."

Comment: No.