Gregg Williams famously said of Brett Favre and other NFL quarterbacks: ``Kill the head, and the body will die.''

Let's take that to its logical conclusion.

First of all, Chicken Hawks are among my least-favorite people in the world. Chicken Hawks are those who stand on the sideline while putting others at risk. In politics, they are the men who seek deferments then ask others to die for their country. In sports, they are people like Gregg Williams, who doesn't mind putting players at risk for the sake of his career.

Williams' mentality led to two cheap shots on Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, the second a blatant elbow to his head after he slid against the Rams on Sunday.

Williams wants his players to injure the opponent and accept possible penalties.

So that's how other teams should approach the Rams.

Kill the head? Accept the penalty? Play through the whistle?

OK. Next time the Vikings play the Rams, they should send Adrian Peterson on a sweep toward the Rams' sideline. The Vikings' third-string fullback should play through the whistle and hit Rams head coach Jeff Fisher hard enough that he can't coach the rest of the game.

Kill the head? Sounds like a great idea, unless the ``head'' is you or your boss.


With the Warriors in town tonight at the Vikings playing at Oakland on Sunday, I spoke with San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami, who raved about Steph Curry and the Wolves' upside, and spoke with Tim and Bill Williams - the ESPN reporter who used to cover the Vikings - about the Vikings-Raiders matchup.

They're both very high on Derek Carr and Amari Cooper. The podcast is at under SouhanUncensored.

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