A bird that breeds in Siberia and spends the off-season in Australia is being seen in Carver County, at least as of Saturday afternoon, Sept. 24. It's a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, sometimes seen in Alaska and less often found along the West Coast. This individual is way out of range. 

Birders eager to see this visitor, and perhaps add it to their life lists, have been gathering on a roadside overlooking a large rain puddle in an ag field, for several days. The sandpiper moves around this almost-pond-size puddle, and it not always easy to see. It likes weedy edges. Patience counts, though. Plus, there are other sandpiper species there along with various duck species and Trumpeter Swans.

The location is west of the town of Mayer. Minnesota Highway 7 takes you Minnesota Highway 25. Go south on 25 for 2+ miles, then west on County Road 32 for one mile. There most likely will be a cluster of observers marking the site. Continue west one-quarter mile and park along Tacoma Avenue. County 32 is too narrow for safe parking, and viewers should be aware of traffic on that road.

Do not park in or near private driveways or on private property.