moss2A few months back, it was announced that Randy Moss was leaving FOX and joining ESPN as an NFL analyst. As soon as he made the switch, he looked at the calendar and saw the Giants vs. Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium — a Monday Night Football game for which Moss will serve on ESPN’s Countdown program leading up to the game.

“I did circle it on my calendar,” Moss said during a conference call Thursday morning. “I know it’s going to be loud and fun to be back — and see these boys remain undefeated.”

If that last quote doesn’t tell you that Moss still has some purple in his blood, his Instagram video post from just before the Vikings/Packers game when he yelled “Skollllllllllllll” does.

His past (and present) allegiance aside, Moss broke down several facets of this year’s 3-0 Vikings during the call. Here are a few of this most interesting takes:

*On Sam Bradford: “Looking at the season so far and what they’ve done I think it was a smart move by the Vikings (to get Bradford). A lot of people had a question mark of why to bring Sam Bradford there. It’s still early but I like what I’m seeing.”

Moss added that he saw a renewed enthusiasm from Bradford during the Sunday night game vs. Green Bay.

“Going into a new locker room is very important and being embraced by the guys brings you to a different level,” Moss said. “That’s one of the things I saw from Sam Bradford in the Green Bay game with the smiles and (high) fives.”

*On what will be important for the Vikings moving forward: “I really think a lot weighs on the offensive line and Sam Bradford’s shoulders — to keep the chemistry going and momentum because the defense is playing some pretty good ball right now. And being able to keep the chemistry and relationship (with) Stefon Diggs and Kyle Rudolph. There’s a lot weight on Sam Bradford and the offensive line’s shoulders.”

*On what stands out to him about Vikings WR Stefon Diggs: ” I think his separation. He has good separation, and that’s something he’s going to need to continue to keep. As you get older you get slower.”

*On when or if Moss had an inkling the 1998 Vikings (15-1) or 2007 Patriots (16-0) were beyond good and potentially special: “To be honest with you, I think we just grew each and every week. If you look at the demeanor of the head coach Mike Zimmer and relationships he shows on TV with his players, they don’t seem like they’re getting ahead of themselves and he doesn’t look like a coach that will let them. … When I was in Minnesota with the 15-1 team I of course was young. I don’t know how the veterans like John Randle and Randall McDaniel took it but they didn’t show it if they were getting ahead of themselves. We practiced hard and did all the little things and making sure you understand what’s at stake every week.”

That said, scrutiny increases as you keep winning, Moss said.

“Now you have a target on your head and teams are coming at you each and every week,” he said. “I think it’s a good thing and position the Vikings are in because they have a defense that is really playing.”

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