The speech Kirk Cousins gave eight years ago at a Big Ten luncheon while he was still at Michigan State still gets referenced often by those who were there to hear it.

Cousins, now the Vikings quarterback, had an even bigger speaking engagement over the weekend: He delivered the commencement address at Michigan State.

The takeaway wasn't quite that if you work hard, you too can someday make $84 million guaranteed. But it was filled with pretty good practical advice.

"Through it all, enjoy the journey. You can prepare for the future today, but you can't live the future today. If your joy in life is always tied to a future experience, you will never know true joy," Cousins told the students. "To quote 'The Office', a show I watched in my years here, Andy Bernard says in the final minute of the final episode, 'I wish there was a way you know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.'"

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