Here is Johnny Manziel at his sentencing ... er, SEC Media Day

Here is Johnny Manziel at his sentencing ... er, SEC Media Day


It has become fashionable to tear down everything that is young and free-spirited in the sports world -- those athletes who don't conform to some sort of preconceived ideal. We've seen it with Yasiel Puig. We're seeing it with Johnny Manziel, who at worst might have had a few too many beers because HE'S 20 AND THAT'S WHAT COLLEGE KIDS DO.

We're not sure if this tearing down is coming from a place of envy (older people with pens wishing they could have a limitless future of sports, money, good times and adoring fans), faux concern over purity or the desperate need to write something, anything, to keep the day and cycle moving.

What we do know is that we should probably let the kids breathe a little, at least until they become full-fledged adults. And even then, we should probably back off -- which is a long way of saying what Twins No. 1 pick Kohl Stewart seems to be saying in regards to Manziel (thanks to Howard Sinker for pointing this out).

ESPN Radio guy Paul Finebaum went on SportsCenter recently to talk about Manziel's dehydration problem at the recent Manning Passing Academy.

"I feel like it's Thursday night again and I'm watching Sharknado," he said on SportsCenter. "You can't take your eyes off the screen. It's a train wreck, but it is very compelling, and it's also very disturbing for many reasons."

Come on, really?

And that's pretty much what Stewart -- fresh out of high school and even younger than Manziel -- seems to be saying with this tweet: