The Twins clearly are hoping that 2015 isn't a repeat of any of the previous four seasons, but Las Vegas has other ideas. puts out over-under win totals for every MLB team each year, and this season's numbers came out Monday. The Twins' number is 70.5 — meaning you can bet whether they will win more or less than that many games.

Vegas feels as though that's about how many wins Minnesota will get, which would mean another 90-loss season. By the way, 70.5 was Bovada's over-under number for the Twins last year, too. They wound up winning 70.

Ouch The official MLB Twitter feed posted a video of Jason Giambi's walk-off grand slam vs. the Twins in 2002 in honor of his retirement.

A rout The "Saturday Night Live" 40th Anniversary Special clobbered the NBA All-Star Game in Sunday night's TV ratings by nearly a 3-to-1 margin.