In examining what type of deal the Wolves might be able to make for Jimmy Butler based on similar NBA deals in recent history, I found several things. The most notable might be this:

The timing of this potential trade is very rare and makes it hard to sort out the potential return.

I don't have a complete list of every trade ever made in the NBA, but The Score did a pretty thorough list of 12 NBA blockbuster trades of the past decade — a good starting point, since a Butler deal would perhaps fall under that category.

What we find there is not surprising: Big trades usually happen either right around the draft/start of free agency or at the trade deadline. Five of the 12 deals on that list happened between June 28 and July 12, and another four were around the trade deadline.

The Wolves' acquisition of Butler in 2017, which didn't make the list, was a draft night move as well.

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