A quarterback's record as a starter is only slightly more useful as a statistic than a starting pitcher's record in baseball.

It tells you something about the way the individual performed, but it is devoid of all the context. A QB (and pitcher) can perform poorly and win, just as they can perform well and lose — with much of it depending on the supporting cast.

Still, it's noteworthy that Teddy Bridgewater is 3-0 as the starting quarterback for the Saints since taking over for injured Drew Brees.

His first two wins were more of the "game manager" variety and influenced heavily by defense, but Bridgewater cut loose for 314 yards and four TD passes in Sunday's 31-24 victory over Tampa Bay.

That makes him 20-12 as a starting QB, including 14-5 in his past 19 meaningful starts (all of 2015 with the Vikings and the three games for New Orleans this year, and not including a 2018 Week 17 start).

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