Vikings twitter was a dumpster fire on Sunday, but then again so was the play of the Vikings.

While Captain Munnerlyn would like fans to R-E-L-A-X, quite a few of them have no chill.

And to those fans who are already abandoning the 5-1 Vikings after Sunday's clunker, tight end Kyle Rudolph had a Twitter response: "Don't hurt yourself jumping off the wagon! All we need is our 53. #SKOL."

It's not as aggressive as lineman Alex Boone telling fans to shut up when the team is on offense, but it's still interesting. The tweet was sent Monday at 9:18 a.m., and I refuse to speculate if the combination of Sunday's game, a long plane ride home and infant twins in his house made him cranky, but by Monday afternoon Rudolph was feeling more upbeat when he tweeted:

"Loved seeing all the purple in Philly, always do when we play on the road! That's why our true fans are the best in the business!"

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