Just over half of Americans who don't live in Minnesota knew that the Super Bowl was here this year, according to a survey by American Public Media conducted shortly after the Feb. 4 game and released on Monday.

And of the close to 1,000 people surveyed, 37 percent said Super Bowl coverage made them "more likely" to think of Minneapolis as a good place to visit — compared to 29 percent who said it was "less likely" and 34 percent who didn't know or weren't influenced.

One respondent said of Minneapolis, "the place is very nice. I want to go there." On the flipside, another said, "Minneapolis is cold. The Super Bowl isn't going to change that."

Tough but fair.

So what does that mean? Um, I guess it means there was a general awareness of Minnesota during Super Bowl week and that it generally was in our favor. People like us! Kind of!

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