Former Wolves personnel boss David Kahn, who took over not long before the 2009 draft, has a piece on that is purportedly about a lot of things but most interestingly provides a history of that draft and why — from Kahn's perspective — the Wolves chose Ricky Rubio No. 5 and Jonny Flynn No. 6, passing on Steph Curry.

Curry was drafted No. 7 by the Warriors, and the rest is history — with some revisions and context from Kahn, who writes that Curry's agent told him that Curry's father, Dell, did not want Minnesota to draft Steph. Writes Kahn:

"Immediately after my hire, I was spending nearly every weekday morning in the team's conference room, listening to team business partners and season-ticket holders lament over coffee and pastries. "You'll never attract free agents here," they said, practically in unison. ... Doomsday all around. I figured it was probably the wrong time to tell them about the Currys."

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