Well, we spent altogether too much time searching for an item from US Weekly today. But thanks to the good people of Twitter, we have confirmed that swimmer Ryan Lochte, in a piece in the magazine titled "25 things you don't know about me," confesses to one key item:


"I root for the Minnesota Vikings."

It's right there, number 18.

This, of course, begs a lot of questions.

1) Why? He was born in New York and lived almost his whole life in Florida. He doesn't have to know this pain.

2) As @TCampbell1980 notes, doesn't this really mean he roots for Auburn? It's a good point. Lochte could have meant Auburn. Or sea turtles. Or like, life, man.

3) His top movie pick is Gone in 60 Seconds? Wait, sorry, off topic there.

4) His lucky number is 7. T-Jack?

In any event, thanks to @tierneyMN for originally alerting us to this and to @LindsayGuentzel for pointing us to the fact that Lochte tweeted the link himself ... and to all dudes who admitted they saw it in US Weekly. Your secret is safe with us.