Does the order in which the Vikings are doing contract extensions tell us about their priorities?

The probable answer is no — the Vikings had to start somewhere and managed to hammer out deals with Eric Kendricks and now Danielle Hunter first.

The more interesting answer is at least "maybe." Vikings coach Mike Zimmer has chided Anthony Barr in the past, saying the talented former first-round pick in 2014 has a tendency to "coast" during games. Barr recently told in reference to a contract extension, "It's not my decision; it's on them, and I would like to get it."

And in March at the owners meetings, Zimmer famously referred to Stefon Diggs as a "celebrity" after his Minneapolis Miracle and added, "We're not a bunch of celebrity guys." I don't profess to know exactly who Zimmer's "guys" are, but I would wager that Kendricks and Hunter are closer to that definition than Barr and Diggs.

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