As part of the Star Tribune's ongoing Twins preview week, the team's depth chart was published Tuesday along with projections from Fangraphs on how each player is expected to perform this season. Here are three of those projections I think Twins players will be able to beat this season:

1) Marwin Gonzalez, 60 RBI: Gonzalez is a switch-hitter who can play just about every position. He'll start the year at third base while Miguel Sano heals, and you can imagine him easily playing 150 games at a bunch of spots. Topping 60 RBI should be a breeze.

2) Jose Berrios, 12 wins and 4.28 ERA: Berrios was a deserving All-Star last season. He made a big jump in innings and strikeouts. This year he makes another leap as a No. 1 guy, moving into that 15-18 win range and keeping the ERA below 3.50.

3) Byron Buxton, .244 batting average: I'll take a leap of faith here that Buxton will turn a corner.

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