The biggest move(s) in Wild history came on July 4, 2012, with the signing of Ryan Suter and Zach Parise to 13-year contracts. Most of this page is dedicated to how that worked out. Here are some of the other swing-for-the-fences moves in recent local sports history:

• Vikings: Signed Brett Favre in 2009. There wasn't as much to lose given it was a short-term deal, but it signaled the team's intent. It almost got them to the Super Bowl, before it all fell apart.

• Lynx: Acquired Lindsay Whalen in a blockbuster trade in 2010. It proved a crucial element in four WNBA titles. So yeah, good idea!

• Wolves: Went all-in on a draft night trade for Jimmy Butler in 2017. It gave them instant credibility with a 47-win season and playoff berth, but it was short-lived.

• Twins: Shelled out big money for Josh Donaldson a month ago. We'll wait and see, but there's an awful lot of World Series chatter coming from Fort Myers.

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