"Team-friendly" is a nice euphemism for underpaid, as much as millionaires can be underpaid. You probably heard that term describe Robert Covington and Kenta Maeda after Tuesday's trades.

Covington is under contract for two more years after this one, at roughly $12.5 million per year. In a league of bloated contracts, he is an exception. Maeda's deal is even more interesting. He has four years left, and his base salary is just a shade over $3 million each year. He has incentives that can push that to around $13 million a year, but even if he reached those, it would likely mean he far "outpitched" the value of his contract.

FanGraphs says Maeda produced a $76 million value in his four years with the Dodgers. Even with incentives, he didn't even make half that during his time in Los Angeles.

That's very "team-friendly," even if you wouldn't want your salary described as such.

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