Deadspin arrived on the sports scene in September 2005, about 100 years ago in internet time (or a little over 14 years in real time).

It died this week, perhaps not officially but for all practical purposes, in a flurry of accelerating moves that started with its new private venture owners creating a "stick to sports" mandate for the site and ending with several of its most prominent writers or editors either being fired or resigning.

In a lot of ways, the site — famously dedicated to "Sports News Without Access, Favor, Or Discretion" — provides a snap shot of the evolution of digital media.

It started with founding editor Will Leitch and a host of inside jokes, snark combined with a "+1" commenting section of like-minded people trying to one-up each other. It evolved and became more mainstream but more controversial. The site grew, made some mistakes, crossed some lines and took on even more enemies.

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