My rudimentary knowledge of what "Game of Thrones" is about is more than enough for me to enjoy tremendously the latest "Game of Zones" from Bleacher Report. In this case, the parody in the style of the TV show hit a very familiar target: the Jimmy Butler drama and his infamous return to Wolves practice as trade talks dragged on.

My favorite flourishes:

• Mascot Crunch picking up a scroll in the beginning that reads: "Lord Morey, I am sorry to inform you that we must decline your offer of four first-round picks for Ser. Butler. Sincerely, Lord Thibs."

• Butler is heard yelling: "Hallelujah, Wiggins! Should I send your bones to your brother?" And Tom Thibodeau says: "If you're not mortally wounded, you can still play 48 minutes."

• As the scene turns to chaos amid denials from Thibodeau, he is finally forced to admit it. "Well, I do suppose I like Robert Covington's hustle," he says.

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