When it comes to selective memory recall, the late former Vikings coach Dennis Green apparently has an equal: now-former Eagles linebacker Zach Brown.

Brown, who made headlines last week for calling Kirk Cousins the "weakest part" of the Vikings offense after being teammates with him in Washington, decided Sunday postgame to quickly move on after the 38-20 drubbing.

Per the Philadelphia Inquirer, the second question postgame for Brown was about Cousins and he wasn't happy about it. "I'm here to talk about the game. Any other questions, besides about Kirk Cousins?" Brown demanded.

ESPN's Mike Greenberg said Monday on "First Take" that Brown's response postgame after "running his mouth" last week "might be the weakest thing I've seen a football player do in years."

As of Monday evening, though, Brown is an ex-football player. The Eagles announced they were releasing the 29-year-old.

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