News reported Monday by NFL Media indicating the Vikings aren't planning to use the franchise tag on QB Case Keenum tells us one thing definitively: The Vikings aren't interested in having Keenum for one season at $24 million.

But maybe — just maybe — this news about Keenum also tells us something about two other quarterbacks: Teddy Bridgewater and Kirk Cousins.

My theories:

1) The Vikings wouldn't have made this decision about Keenum so soon (they have until March 6) if they didn't feel like they have at least a reasonable chance of pursuing and landing Cousins when free agency starts March 14.

2) The Vikings have the sense that Bridgewater's contract is going to toll and that he won't be granted free agency, giving them a cheap fallback plan … or they believe they can sign he to a make-good discount free-agent deal if the contract does not toll.

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