The Wolves did not move up or down in Tuesday night's NBA draft lottery. That's not a net win or a net loss, but particularly this year it was a gain. Minnesota, of course, only had a 2.2 percent chance of jumping into the top three. But it also had a 1.8 percent chance of falling to No. 14 — and had that happened, the pick would have gone to Phoenix to satisfy an old trade.

Staying at No. 13 and keeping the pick at least guarantees the Wolves will have another asset this offseason. Given their otherwise limited roster flexibility — short of a trade of Kevin Love — having an opportunity to add a piece through the draft is big.

bad mix Bad outfield defense and low strikeout pitchers eventually will doom the Twins, according to an Insider analysis.

sue everybody Donald Sterling has a long history of filing lawsuits, and they don't portray him in a flattering light per an story.