Please allow us this brief history of Timberwolves point guards under David Kahn. Note: This is not an attack; we'd say Minnesota is better off at the point now than when he found them in 2009. But still ...



*Kahn inherited combo guard Randy Foye. He quickly traded him to Washington in a deal that netted a high draft pick, among other things.
*That high draft pick was used to take Ricky Rubio. Also in that 2009 draft, the Wolves took point guards Jonny Flynn and Ty Lawson. Though the Lawson pick was ostensibly for Denver, where he was quickly shipped, the three-point-guard-binge was the start of the Kahn Point Guard Fetish talk in the national media and among fans. It really hasn't died down. Of course, Kahn didn't help by ...
*Despite drafting three PGs (two to be fair, but still) he signed Ramon Sessions in 2009 as well.
*A year later, Sessions was traded in a deal that brought back point guard Sebastian Telfair.
*In the same offseason, Luke Ridnour was brought in.
*Now, with Rubio finally here and Ridnour still signed for multiple years, J.J. Barea was signed to a reported four-year deal. The point guard spot looks mighty crowded; the shooting guard spot does not. Barea, a good get and a nice fit, was nonetheless very much the same offensive player overall as Ridnour during the 2010-11 regular season if you believe the Hollinger Ratings. Maybe everyone can share the ball and Barea can play some off-guard (with Rubio guarding a 2) against certain teams. Maybe Ridnour is the odd man out. Maybe after 25 more voided trades, Chris Paul will be a Timberwolf.
*Further updates as events warrant.