Ragamala hosts Navarathri festival

Ragamala Dance Company hosts its second annual “Ode to Navarathri” festival, based on the Hindu holiday of Navarathri celebrated in southern India. Last year the festival took place at Landmark Center in St. Paul, attracting hundreds of people. This year’s event takes place across the river, at Ragamala’s home base in the Calhoun Arts Building in Minneapolis, for a bigger building-wide celebration. Here’s your chance to sample Indian food, observe Ragamala’s open-studio dance rehearsals and explore the traditions of southern India. That includes a “kolu” display, which employs dolls, toys and figurines to tell stories about Hindu spirituality and culture. Noon-6 p.m. Sat., Calhoun Arts Building, 711 W. Lake St., Mpls.; free, ragamaladance.org.