He was 10th in last week’s cross-country coaches association’s Class 2A poll, his first time being ranked. He has top four finishes in his first three meets.


Q: What has been going right for you and your teammates?

A: We have been hitting nearly every workout our coach [Erik Kluznik] has had us do. My coach has helped me realize what I can do and the things I will be able to accomplish this fall. Another thing that has pushed me this year is watching capable teams of ours not make state for two years in a row.


Q: Considering running in college?

A: I would like to run Division I in college, preferably somewhere nearby like the University of Minnesota, UW-Madison or the University of Michigan.


Q: Why do you love running long distance?

A: I have never had sprinting speed. Long distance also makes me feel like I have pushed myself to my limits, which is one of the best feelings any sport can offer.


Q: Favorite superhero and why?

A: Ironman. He becomes a superhero not through special powers, but through brains and hard work.


Q: How do you prepare for a race?

A: I watch motivational running videos the night before, then repeat the quotes from them in my head until race time.


Q: Best movie you’ve seen in the last year?

A: “Star Wars : The Force Awakens.” I had never had goose bumps during a whole movie until I watched this one.