Klein, who competes in the 50 and 100-yard freestyles, helped the Irish win the South Suburban Conference meet on Oct. 26.

Q: What is helping you become a better sprint swimmer this season?

A: During my junior year, it finally dawned on me how short my high school career is, and the fact that I have only one more year with this team that I am so blessed to be on. I have realized the importance of making the most out of every practice, every race, every meet and every team-bonding event. During the high school season, I don’t swim for my personal results but rather for the strong unity amongst the team members, the ear-splitting cheering during those neck-and-neck races, the goofs we girls have at practice, and so much more.


Q: Ever have days when you don’t want to practice?

A: Absolutely. And instead of complaining with the others who don’t want to be at practice either, I try to find those people who are happy to be there. As coach Jake [Kemna] instructs, I ‘fake it till I make it,’ even when I’m physically exhausted. Maintaining a positive attitude and mustering it up as best as I can always results in a better practice than if I had stayed sulky.


Q: In 10 years, what do you hope to be?

A: I hope to be a pilot for the United States Air Force or the United States Coast Guard.


Q: Favorite superhero?

A: Captain America. Out of all of the superheroes, he is the most humble and honest and looks out for the team.