Mena, a middle hitter, had 47 kills and 14 blocks during Simley’s four-match winning streak from Sept. 20 through Sept. 29.


Q: What has been going well for you and your team on the court during this stretch?

A: We have been working hard in practice and talking about our strengths and weaknesses and focusing on improving them during the time we have in practice. My teammates and I have been putting in extra work on and off the court to prove ourselves on the court.


Q: Your leadership skills and energy are strengths. Where do you look to find high levels of energy and inspiration?

A: My inspiration is truly my teammates, coaches and my family. The support I am given all day, every day, is truly the reason why I have energy and inspiration.


Q: Are you considering playing volleyball in college?

A: It is for sure my main goal. I am keeping my options open in terms of where.


Q: What did you work on in the offseason to improve your overall skills?

A: I worked a lot on my hitting. I knew that after my sophomore year I really had to step up my game because I only had two more high school seasons left. I really had a drive to always want to be in the gym.


Q: Name one sport that you wish you could play, and why?

A: Football, because I really loved when my brother played when he was in high school and in college.