The Bradley-bound guard ranks among the state’s leading scorers, averaging 28.4 points per game.


Q: What went into the offseason preparation that has made you such a dominant scorer?

A: I went to the YMCA a lot with my dad and worked on my shooting. Scoring has always been a big part of my game but this year, knowing Abi Scheid was gone, I knew somebody needed to step up and be a scorer.


Q: What’s working when you’re on your game?

A: I’ll drive or I’ll try to take advantage of little guards and post them up. I think versatility is a big key to my game. I can get off a screen and hit a three-pointer if we need one or get to the basket for a layup. And my confidence has been the best it’s been.


Q: You only had 10 points against Blaine [on Jan. 10]. How do you try to learn from an off night?

A: I probably should have come into that game a little more mentally focused. My shots weren’t falling, but coach told me not to be too hard on myself. But Ava [Kramer] had a good game, and we got the win.


Q: Coach Jeremy Digiovanni said your defense is overlooked but you have made solid contributions — especially against Orono.

A: Offense is my strength, but I’ve really been trying to work on my defense this year. Against Orono, I had played with Tori Andrew in AAU ever since eighth grade. She’s a really good player, and we had to stop her. Coach told me to face guard her and don’t let her shoot.

david la vaque