Farrington’s second-half goal in the Class 2A state championship held up as the winner against Wayzata at U.S. Bank Stadium.


Q: I’m told your team bonded over the “Road to the Bank’’ text message thread.

A: It’s been the goal since last year right when the season ended. It’s always been “The Road to the Bank.” Everything we’ve done is to get to this point, and we’ve done it. It feels amazing.


Q: You guys didn’t have a loss to use as a reason to regroup or refocus. How did you manufacture adversity?

A: It’s not easy to keep focusing through a tough schedule. We just said, ‘We never want to lose.’ When teams lose they go back and train harder and harder. I felt like we always trained as hard as we could. We never had to pick it up and that contributed to our great season.


Q: How much pressure did the team face as the undefeated season kept building?

A: There’s definitely a lot of pressure. But we’ve played in national club games and our section final with North St. Paul was high pressure. I feel like all that experience allowed us to calm down and get the job done.


Q: When Kohei Adams scored the second goal of the Wayzata game, how did that make players feel?

A: When it was 1-0, we knew that any mistake of ours would make it a tie game. Kohei putting that away gave us a tremendous feeling like, ‘We’ve got this.’ We knew that we had a little bit of a cushion. It took a little bit of pressure off us.

David La Vaque