The senior outside hitter said she thinks the Titans can make a significant postseason run.


Talk about missing time last year? I had mono. I was out for three weeks. The worst part was having to sit around and miss volleyball and school.


How did you deal with that? I couldn’t stand it at first. I practically bawled my eyes out when I found out. It helped to know I would be able to come back and play, and that it wasn’t the end of the season.


What effect did missing time have on you? I was so appreciative of volleyball when I got back. The whole time I was sick, all I could think about was what I would do when I came back.


You came back strong and nearly beat Cretin-Derham Hall in the section playoffs. Yeah, that was probably the best I’ve ever played. I had so much energy.


Can the team build on that? Yes. This year, our mind-set is different. All of us have been looking forward to this season and talking about it. We’re not going to come up short this year.


Your coach, Josh Mattison, was set to leave but came back this season. How important is that? It’s exciting. He’s been with us for three years, and he knows how strong this team can be.


What is the best thing about being a volleyball player? The home games. When we come out in warmups, when the crowd goes crazy after a big hit. I still get nervous for home games. They get the adreneline going.


Is there volleyball in your post-high school future? No. I’m not tall enough or strong enough to play at the large schools I want to go to. Hopefully, I’ll finish the season with no regrets.