The Wildcats’ captain is hoping to lead his squad to a top three finish in the Class 2A state meet in March. Here is a closer look at Broman, who mainly competes in the 100-yard butterfly, 200 individual medley and on the 200 medley and 400 freestyle relay teams:


Q: The best movie you’ve seen in the last year?

A: “Unbroken.” An amazing true story of strength, endurance and forgiveness.”

Q: Three words friends or teammates would use to describe you are …

A: Hard-working, focused and appreciative.

Q: Three songs you never skip on your iPod are …

A: “Wolf Bite” by Owl City; “What We’re Here For” by The Afters, and “Jesus Freak” by DC Talk.


Q: When and how did you get started in swimming?

A: When I was 3, my parents took me swimming at the YMCA. I’d say, “Watch me do the worm!” Six years later, I joined Blackline Aquatics and found out the “worm” is actually called the dolphin kick.

Q: At your first varsity practice, how did you feel?

A: Small. I was just a seventh-grader, but I will always remember the upperclassmen who welcomed me.

Q: What did you work on most in the offseason?

A: I worked on fast-twitch muscle training and on longer events that are not offered by the Minnesota State High School League.

Q: Name one sport you wish you could participate in that you don’t?

A: The world’s most popular sport — soccer. I got to play it up to the eighth grade.

Q: How do you balance school and sports?

A: School, eat, swim, lift, eat, study, eat, sleep, repeat.


Q: Who is your favorite college or pro sports team and why?

A: The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix. I am excited to study and swim there next year.


Q: In 10 years, what do you hope to be?

A: A research chemist developing new alternatives to plastics.