Quick Q&A

Brian Smith

On a team with standouts Theo John and McKinley Wright, Smith has proved to be a valuable addition. The guard is listed at only 5-foot-6 but is third on the team in scoring as the sixth man.


Q: How would you describe your mentality coming off the bench?

A: I see myself as scorer, shooter. I can be a facilitator, so my mentality is come in and if we’re struggling, (bring) instant offense.


Q: Does being considered undersized motivate you?

A: I love to prove people wrong and be the underdog, and that’s what really motivates me.


Q: Do you think your playing ability surprises some people?

A: After games coaches will come up to me and they’ll just tell me ‘great job.’ You can just tell by their facial expression that they didn’t think I would be able to go out there and do (what I just did).


Q: You led the team with 21 points in a win over Blaine Jan. 14. What was working for you that game?

A: I came off the bench in that game, and I remember my first shot. I think it was a corner three and as soon I let it go, I knew it was good. After that, I got the mentality that I’m going to be hot this game, so it seemed like everything that went up was good.