Allen High School had won 57 consecutive games and three straight Texas 6A state titles before falling to Westlake in last Friday's semifinals. Allen coach Tom Westerberg was back in the office Monday and answered some questions about Seth Green, the former East Ridge quarterback who committed to Minnesota on Sunday. Here's a condensed version of the interview:

Q. What was the scouting report on Seth when he first got to Allen?

A. "I didn’t know anything about him until he moved in. His dad’s job transferred down in this direction, and they picked Allen High School. I think his dad’s job is in the metroplex of the Dallas area. So he picked Allen to move to. I didn’t do a whole lot of background scouting or anything. I kind of looked at his Hudl highlight tape deal, and they kind of run a little different offense where he was than what we do. Then it was just a matter of how well he fit into what we did.

Q. What led to the platoon system at quarterback?

A. "We run a little bit of a spread offense, and an up-tempo offense, and Mitchell Jonke had played in it for a year. So he’d been in a system like that, kind of knew it a little better than Seth at the time. And Mitchell was the starting quarterback coming out of the spring. Seth ended up taking over as a starting quarterback. He was first team all district, so he probably started eight of our 15 games, and then Mitchell kind of got hot in the playoffs. But Seth came into some big games and did some good things for us."

Q. How did he handle being part of a platoon?

A. "He did well. We were 14-0 going into last Friday night. And usually when one played well, the other one supported the other guy. And then when the other one kind of faltered a little bit, the other one usually came in and played real well. We just kind of had an off night with both of them the other night. So that’s kind of the reason why our season ended a game short of the championship game."

Q. What's your sense of how he feels about coming back to Minnesota for college?

A. "I think he’s pretty excited about it. He was committed to Oregon when he first got here, and [offensive coordinator Scott] Frost left, and they got another commitment in, and so I don’t know where all that went to. But then I talked to [Green] a little bit when he was going to look elsewhere, and it just happened to be that Minnesota was also looking for a quarterback, too. So it kind of fit just perfect, and he has a great relationship with all the coaches up there.

Q. How would you rate his work ethic and ability to check his ego at the door?

A. "He’s second to none. He did a great job. I mean, studies the game well and had to study it quite a bit to pick everything up that we’re doing and knowing that he’s going to have to do that at the next level too. As far as working and studying the game, and as far as working out, he’s second to none. He’ll win every spring practice, and he’s awesome in the weight room and is a good leader that way, leading by example of being out front. So I think they’re getting a great one."