• Age: 33
  • Lives in: Northeast Minneapolis
  • Occupation: Curator at Permanent Art and Design Group

Q: Back when you were Tricia Heuring in the mid-'00s, you ran the underground arts magazine Industry Minne-zine. How did that experience affect you?

A: Running Industry was the beginning of my love affair with Minneapolis. Not having lived here long, I had the benefit of immersing myself in this city and finding out how deeply creative and inspiring it can be.

Q: How do you feel those scenes have changed since then?

A: With social media there is much more access, so people are able to get support easier, which encourages innovation. We started Industry because that didn't exist back then.

Q: What do you love most about the Twin Cities' arts, music and fashion communities?

A: I love the sense of loyalty. We promote each other, form partnerships, share resources. It's more about collaboration than competition.

Q: What's it like being married to a world-famous DJ?

A: I can't say it's easy but I wouldn't want Zak [Khutoretsky, a.k.a. DVS1] to be doing anything else. We're trying to split time between here and Berlin. I get to visit art galleries and museums all over the world traveling, so I'm not complaining!