Age: 26. Lives in: Whittier, Mpls. Occupation: Writer and artistic director, Whole Beast Rag.

Q: Where did the idea for Whole Beast Rag come from?

A: Over a summer and through a series of conversations, not to mention some whiskey, [co-founder] Grace Littleton and I arrived at the realization that we'd better start our own mag if we wanted our ideas in print.

Q: Why launch a print magazine in a time when many publications are moving toward online-only formats?

A: Well, we have to choose our revolutions, and we believe that the paper is part of the pleasure of reading. While I follow my fair share of blogs, I don't take the Internet to the beach with me. Books are important; they require us to break away.

Q: What does it take to publish your own magazine?

A: Guts.

Q: What are three of your favorite hidden treasures of the Twin Cities?

A: My special place is the salad bar of the Seward Co-op for sure. But for cool points I will say Prospect Park is good for walks and the Donut Cooperative makes a mean coconut glazed. I mostly drink in my living room.

Q: What is it you love about sending postcards?

A: Absence makes the heart grow sharper.