Age: 26

Lives in: Bryn Mawr, Minneapolis

Occupation: Co-proprietor of the Playatta video portal; creator of "visual playgrounds."

Q: You're newly married to your Playatta partner Kara Lovemelt. Are your last names really Lovemelt?

A: It's official! We just went to the passport office.

Q: How did you come up with the name Playatta?

A: It's a fusion of two things we're passionate about: play -- a human need that's less recognized than it should be -- and yata, a Japanese word for exclamation point.

Q: Were you really the first person ever publicly Photoshopped?

A: It is true. My aunt worked at the company that Adobe later bought up, and they were rolling out the software at the Macworld convention in 1989. My aunt took a vacation photo of me as a baby and made three of me, one backwards and one with my head slightly tilted.

Q: Besides Playatta, what do the Twin Cities need more of?

A: I think we need more organized masses of creative energy, like giant longboard relay races that go across the whole city, or a huge sledfest all winter long at some hill, or capture-the-flag games that take over the whole city. Or a Naked Day.