• Age: 25
  • Lives in: St. Paul
  • Occupation: Creator of Trnds blog, photographer, model, Web developer

Q: As a born-and-raised Southern boy, what do you consider the most unique thing about living in the Twin Cities?

A: The lifestyle in general. In the South, no one has a cabin. No one has a basement. No snow. A toboggan is a hat.

Q: You have to attend an art opening, a fashion show and a rock show all in the same night. What do you wear?

A: I try to dress for the night, instead of the occasion. I look into my closet and start grabbing -- some dark skinny jeans, some black boots, a loose cardigan, a scarf.

Q: You work by day as a Web developer. Were you a total geek in high school?

A: I was a wallflower. I would get invited to parties, but I would rather go home and draw, or learn some new computer thing, or sew. Yep, I used to sew up purses for my sisters.

Q: What advice do you have for sartorially minded guys looking to meet a like-minded girl?

A: Definitely get into the scene. Of course you will meet like-minded people at events that you are interested in. I'm lucky enough to have found the female counterpart of myself by doing just that.