Q: What's your favorite thing about working downtown?

A: The people-watching. There is such a variety of people in downtown Minneapolis, from well-dressed businesspeople to travelers from far places. It never gets boring.

Q: What are three places or things in the Twin Cities you couldn't live without?

A: The scones at the Wedge Co-op (I have the scone calendar on my fridge), the skyway in the winter and First Avenue.

Q: What are your favorite places for happy hour?

A: Liquor Lyle's has the best happy hour in town. Two-for-ones all day, every day? Yes, please! Sushi Tango also has a great happy hour for drinks, apps and sushi, plus they have a fantastic outdoor patio.

Q: What spring fashion trend are you most likely to wear?

A: Pastels and sea-inspired accessories.

Q: What are the first three sites you visit every day?

A: Oh No They Didn't!, Tumblr and Facebook.

Q: What's the best dance night in town, and why?

A: Wak Lyf -- there's always good music, good people and you can't go wrong with dance nights at the Kitty Cat Klub.

  • Age: 27
  • Lives in: Uptown
  • Occupation: Interior design student, barista, Vita.mn online user extraordinaire (aka superloza).