For no other reason perhaps than the fact that it's Sept. 10 and both the NHL and NBA are starting to creep into the public consciousness again, I came across a compilation of 10 NHL/NBA mashup jerseys Monday.

The basic premise seems to be: What if you took an NHL team's logo and basic sweater design and infused it with the colors of that city's NBA team?

It's oddly mesmerizing, and I'd absolutely buy the Bruins/Celtics mashup. Relevant to local interests: the Wild logo and Timberwolves colors is … ah … not bad?

Maybe it looks a little bit like something a space alien or roller hockey team might wear, but there's also something about them that makes me think whomever is wearing them would be VERY FAST.

You can find all of them on TSN's Instagram page. We can probably all agree nothing is worse than the purple monstrosity that is the Raptors/Leafs mashup.

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