Because of a technical misunderstanding, a committee of St Francis residents is 205 signatures short of the 741 needed to force a recall vote against controversial City Council Member LeRoy Schaffer.

Members say they're not giving up.

Amy Lazere said her group handed in 807 signatures Thursday, but almost 300 had to be tossed because the signees were not registered voters before the recall campaign started last month. Committee members registered voters as they canvassed.

The group has targeted Schaffer because of what members describe as a pattern of inappropriate and erratic behavior and disregard for City Council rules and norms.

Technically, the group has 10 days to come up with the rest of the signatures, but it has only until Thursday to get the question on the November ballot, said St. Francis City Clerk Barb Held. Members have said previously that they timed the campaign to avoid a special election, but Lazere said they'll take that route if they must.

"We didn't do all this work for nothing," Lazere said. "We're not quitters, and we'll get 205 more signatures."

The 10-day grace period starts today.

Maria Elena Baca