Owner Leslie Bock (right) on Psycho Suzi's patio. Photo by Joey McLeister.

If everything goes according to plan, northeast Minneapolis bargoers can look forward to a supersized Psycho Suzi’s. Owner Leslie Bock says she’d like to move her popular tiki-motor lounge into Gabby’s riverside location this fall (the two bars sit six blocks away from each other). While Gabby’s owner Jeff Ormond said it is too early to comment on the negotiations, Bock said she has signed a purchase agreement.

Bock said Psycho Suzi’s has simply outgrown its digs at the corner of Marshall and Lowry. At 16,000 square feet, Gabby’s is about four times the size of Psycho Suzi’s.

Bock's Northeast gem is known for its large, expansive patio (and strong tiki drinks). She said she would relish the chance to remodel Gabby’s, especially its riverfront patio.

“I will actually have natural features to work with this time, versus creating a tropical paradise out of thin air and magic,” she said.

Gabby’s, which opened in 1986, has become a late-night haven for hip-hop dance music in recent years. Bock said she would consider live entertainment, but probably more in line with Psycho Suzi’s kitschy/artsy/hipster vibe.

One thing Ormond did say was the deal is far from done -- and Gabby’s will continue to operate as normal. Southern rapper Young Dro performs there on Wednesday.

Bock is no stranger to revamping old bars. She opened Donny Dirk's Zombie Den in the former Stand Up Frank's last year.