About 50 people marched through downtown Minneapolis on Friday night demanding justice for 30-year-old Brian Quinones, who was shot and killed by police last month following a brief chase.

The protest comes one day after Edina and Richfield police, whose officers were both involved, announced its refusal to release dashcam footage of the deadly encounter.

Activists rallied at the Hennepin County Government Center before marching downtown, briefly blocking intersections and light rail tracks as they went.

Quinones was fatally shot near E. 77th Street and Chicago Avenue in Richfield on Sept. 7 after leading Edina police on a chase. Several officers from Edina and Richfield opened fire seconds after Quinones exited the vehicle with what appeared to be a knife.

The encounter, parts of which were captured on seven squad-car dash cameras, is being investigated by the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office.

Edina police, who met privately with Quinones' family this week to show them portions of the video, announced Thursday that it won't make the video public — a decision that reversed a prior committment by both departments to do so.

His widow, Ashley Quinones, accused Hennepin County of a lack of transparency.

"The police had no justifiable reason to use deadly force against a man who posed no danger to them," she said, wearing a black sweatshirt with the words "Fire Killer Kops" on the front.

"Yet, this investigation keeps dragging on, denying the public the ability to hold these officers accountable."

"The night Brian was killed, everything we had ever worked for died too."