Proposed path to play ball again

Multiple youth baseball and softball organizations have come together to draft guidelines for a phased approach to a return to the field. Here are the three phases, outlined in a letter sent to Gov. Tim Walz.

PHASE I: Groups of 10 will need to follow appropriate physical distancing. Baseball/softball is an outdoor sport with our participants occupying natural positions that are greater than social distancing standards. This will allow for youth baseball and softball teams to start practicing.

PHASE II: The cap on the number of people at gatherings rises to 50, which would be enough for games, likely without fans. Vulnerable populations should continue to follow stay home guidance. This will allow for baseball and softball teams to begin conducting games.

PHASE III: There are no limits on group sizes. The sports go back to normal participation and operation. Vulnerable populations can resume public interactions, but should practice physical distancing, and continue to take precautionary measures.